Data access

To support systematic identification and prioritisation of drug targets, we are committed to making our data open and available in a variety of formats to support academic research purposes and commercial activities. For more information, see our Licence documentation.

For queries about a single entity or target-disease association, we recommend that you use:

  • Our intuitive web interface with data tables and data visualisations that can be downloaded/exported in multiple formats, including TSV and JSON

  • Our robust GraphQL API with endpoints that can be accessed with the programming language of your choice and an interactive playground where you can try out sample queries

For more complex, systematic queries, we recommend that you use:

If you use our data in your research or commercial product, please cite our latest publication.

New export functionality

We have designed and developed a new export functionality for the Associations On the Fly/Target Prioritisation pages, allowing users to download:

  • Entire dataset view (default status)

  • Customised dataset view including custom controls changes, subset of data types (aggregations) and/or data from pinned targets only

  • TSV and JSON formats

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