Release notes


Release date

30 June 2021


  • Updated Open Targets Genetics Portal evidence, which included the integration of FinnGen biobank data (R5) and new GWAS Catalog studies

  • Integration of gene-disease data from Orphanet

  • Improvements to the user interface (e.g. datatype chips on evidence page)

  • Bug fixes (e.g. users can download Known Drugs table, association scores in datasets match values returned by API)

Check out our 21.06 release blog post for more information on the new features and datasets introduced in this release.

Overall data metrics

  • 60,606 targets

  • 18,507 diseases and phenotypes

  • 13,185 drugs and compounds

  • 13,267,236 evidence strings

  • 11,755,362 target-disease associations

Visit the Open Targets Community for more data metrics for this release, including a per datasource breakdown of evidence strings.


For release notes for previous releases, please contact [email protected] or check out the Open Targets Community News & Announcement section.