Google BigQuery

To support more complex queries and advanced informatics workflows that use Google Cloud services, the Open Targets Platform data is also available via Google BigQuery.

Google BigQuery is a data warehouse that enables researchers to run super-fast, asynchronous SQL queries using Google's cloud infrastructure. After running your query, you can either export into various formats or copy into a Google Cloud bucket for further downstream analyses.

BigQuery access points

Open Targets has uploaded all of our data to Google BigQuery. You can run queries via:

For more information on BiqQuery, please review the BigQuery documentation.

Example BigQuery SQL query

Below is a sample query that will return a list of all evidence strings from ChEMBL for approved phase IV drugs:

FROM evidence
datasourceIds = chembl
clinicalPhase = 4

Tutorials and how-to guides

For more information on how to use BigQuery to access Platform data and example queries based on actual use cases and research questions, check out the Open Targets Community.