Open Targets Platform

The Open Targets Platform is a comprehensive tool that supports systematic identification and prioritisation of potential therapeutic drug targets.
By integrating publicly available datasets including data generated by the Open Targets consortium, the Platform builds and scores target-disease associations to assist in drug target identification and prioritisation. It also integrates relevant annotation information about targets, diseases, phenotypes, and drugs, as well as their most relevant relationships.
The Platform is a freely available resource that is actively maintained with bi-monthly updates. Our data can be accessed through an intuitive web user interface, an API, and data downloads. Likewise, our pipeline and infrastructure codebases are open-source and can be used to create a self-hosted private instance of the Platform with custom data. For more information, please review our Licence documentation and, if you use our data and/or pipelines, please cite our latest publication.
Check out our blog to learn more about the Platform and news from the other informatics and experimental research programmes supported by Open Targets.
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To report any bugs or data issues, please post a message on the Open Targets Community.
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