Clinical Precedence

The 'Clinical Precedence' widget in the Open Targets platform provides users with an overview of the clinical development stage of each drug, as defined by the EMBL-EBI ChEMBL database. This widget is designed to aid in the prioritisation of drug targets by highlighting the extent of clinical development for each drug.
The clinical development stages are categorised as follows:
Phase Value
Phase Name
Phase Description
Phase IV
Drugs have already been given regulatory approval for the treatment of specific diseases in certain regions
3 / 2 / 1
Phase III, II, and I
Drugs are currently being tested in clinical trials for potential indications
Early Phase I
Drugs that are in the preliminary stages of clinical testing
Compounds with bioactivity data that have not yet reached clinical trials
In the context of Open Targets, this information offers valuable insights into the clinical development of potential drug targets. By showing the current phase of clinical development, the 'Clinical Precedence' widget can inform decisions about target prioritisation and help identify drugs that may be suitable for repurposing or further development. For more details of the clinical phases, please refer to the ChEMBL documentation.